Thoughts About Kyoto Obanzai

Do you know the word “obanzai”?
It is a word that refers to customary “side dishes” made with seasonal vegetables, dried ingredients such as daikon radishes, as well as bean curd lees which have been eaten in Kyoto since ancient times.

Kyoto Foods Co., Ltd. has been focused on producing and selling “obanzai”.
We are proposing new “obanzai”, based on our desire to offer the taste of “obanzai” made with Kyoto ingredients to everyone.

In Kyoto, there are vegetables that have been protected and cultivated for many years.
These are the “Kyoto vegetables” which have been brought up together with the history of Kyoto.

Although farmers have continued to protect the vegetable species which their ancestors harvested over many generations, the unfortunate realities of population ageing, together with a lack of successors, mean that these vegetables are today in decline.

In this situation, we met the farmers of Kyotango, who were willing to produce and promote traditional Kyoto vegetables. This allowed us to obtain a supply of traditional Kyoto vegetables for every season, and thus allowed us to produce Kyoto “obanzai”.
Using the skills of artisans honed since 1951, we offer “Kyoto obanzai” to make you feel the four seasons of Kyoto.

We hope that you enjoy “Kyoto obanzai”, and feel the crystallized efforts of the farmers who have worked to protect and cultivate traditional Kyoto vegetables.